English learning scholarship


What can be done to motivate, inspire, and decrease the number of unwanted pregnancies at a local high school in rural Burkina Faso?  That is the task that the school administration asked of me in the start of 2011.  After an intensive weekend of brainstorming and reflecting, I came up with an English learning scholarship.  One thing I knew was that everybody in this francophone country wants to learn English. And even more true is that people in villages want to learn proper english.  I decided to make this then the prize.  The rules were as follows: pick the class that had no pregnancies or births, then choose students that had the most hours of community service for the first round of the competition.  The second round of the competition was to have those students that had the highest amount of community service hours then write an essay in english stating why english is important and why they want to learn English.  From there I would select the best essay and the winner would be awarded 1 month english lessons Monday – Friday at the American Language Center Ouagadougou.


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