Wake up call is at 5 in the morning!

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November 1 is known as simply the day after Halloween in the United States.  However, in West Africa specifically Burkina Faso, it is known as ALL SAINT’S DAY or Jour de Toussaint.  I took the opportunity to go visit my host family in Koudougou which is 100 km west of Ouagadougou.  I took the first bus which is at 6 a.m. in the morning and arrives in Koudougou at 7h15 (pretty fast right).  I arrived approximately 1h15 later to sunny blue skies and my host brother waiting for me at the bus station.  November 1 is also his birthday so the visit was even more delightful.  I also took this time to work on my chicken farm where we are in the process of laying the bricks.  I hopped on the Moto with my host brother who is also appropriately named Toussaint (all saints in French) and we made our first stop to Toega a village a few kilometers outside of Koudougou.  Toega is the location of my chicken farm and I wanted to check on the progress along with put in some physical work.  Once arriving in the village, it is customary to greet the elders of the village before arriving at the work site.  So that is what we did we greeted the elders for about 10 minutes and walked over to the work site. There I found the fruit trees that were planted, the laying of the bricks and the expansion of the foundation.  I was pleased with the progress and the effort the village is putting in even during the harvest season.

Afterward I had a lovely lunch with my host family as we laughed and reminisced about my first encounter with them during my Peace Corps training.  Wow time flies and the two years as a volunteer seemed to have gone by even faster.

Please enjoy the photos.


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