International Students

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Internationalesawyer’s work in the community gets recognized and is asked to collaborate on different projects.  One such project that internationalesawyer was consulted to organize was Springboard for Higher Education.  This is a collaboration that started more than a year ago in 2011 with a simple statement followed by a question: “I like your dedication and leadership in community organization.” “Are you interested in a youth development project?” I swiftly said thank you and of course I am interested.

The project would later be revealed as Springboard for Higher Education.  Springboard for Higher Education is an organization that mentors, coaches, and prepares students pursuing all levels of higher education in the United States (bachelors, masters, doctorate degrees).  Springboard for Higher Education or S.H.E. is goes beyond the casual education advisory.  They thoroughly examine the client to match them with the best possible institution that not only addresses their academic needs but their long term goals, talent, geographical preference, cultural and community interests.  S.H.E. provides services that include document translation, English language preparation for ESL tests such as TOFEL and IELTS, applying for scholarships, and many more services that apply to the application process for attending university in the United States as an international student.

Internationalesawyer was asked to facilitate in the information sessions, provide English preparation, and advice on overall program implementation.  S.H.E. has partners in the United States and is organizing a team of volunteers that can serve as extra support to international students once they land on American soil. This initiative is to encourage, inform, and support international students in navigating the educational system of the United States.  One major concern of international students that I hear is they do not understand the process and become intimidated by the application demands. S.H.E is created to address these concerns by demystifying the entire process.

Please enjoy the photos of the first S.H.E. information session.

Contact information:; +226 78 82 13 65/ +226 66 99 43 21.


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  1. I like your acronym S.H. E.

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