Soy/Tofu Project GRANTED

Thanks to VegFund believing in me and my cause, I was able to fund my soy/tofu project in the village of Tcheriba.  Not only am I grateful for their funding, but for the relationship we have created.  They corresponded with me throughout the project further making me believe that they were invested in this project even from afar.  That is a main factor for successful projects and donors.  Projects that have active and involved donors during the life cycle of a project result in well executed and high completion rates of funded projects.  Furthermore, VegFund’s resources via website inspired me to take a more active and visible role in veganism and animal protection.  I have since signed on to be a virtual volunteer with VegFund since I am primarily based in Burkina Faso. The realization of this project in a timely manner was made possible by the VegFund team and my determination, plus the participation of the community.

Here is a link to VegFund’s website:  


One response to “Soy/Tofu Project GRANTED

  1. We’re thrilled that we were able to support your work in Burkina Faso and that this project was such a great success! It’s great to fund innovative projects that not only help the animals, but that also improve the lives and health of disadvantaged populations. Thanks for your dedication and hard work!

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