Volunteering for the 21st Century

Cuso International

Sometimes I want to provide my skills to those who need them and gain skills in the process. However, with busy schedules it is not always possible to physically be present to do so.  In our digital age and with my exposure to new media, I was increasingly looking for online opportunities.  One day while on a LinkedIn search I came across a discussion on international development.  Since this is an area of interest of mine, I clicked the site and that led me to Cuso International. They are a Canadian NGO that offers different positions ranging from E-volunteer to Diaspora agent.  I searched their site for information such as their mission, and what I saw was aligned with my goals and mission in life.  Next up was to find what positions I qualified for and to apply.  After a few more days of research I came across a position for an online Grant Writer and Researcher/ Mentor for a local NGO in Jamaica.  I have experience as a grant writer but not so much as a researcher in a formal setting.  Therefore, it was the researcher piece that really drew me in.  I wanted to see if my researcher abilities in my personal affairs would translate smoothly in the business world.  I eventually applied and went through the hiring process and today I am an E-Volunteer with Cuso International for 3 months.  I think this is so fitting that my motto is think global live global for this position because I was interested in learning and working in another part of the world which I have never visited.  With the help of the internet and its vastness, I am now able to communicate, build relationships, and network with people in Jamaica, Canada, and the United States, and the United Kingdom.  There is only one word I can think of to describe all this…AWESOME!!!


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