The best thing about the world is that there are never-ending surprises and adventures. I love learning and am always fascinated with what I can uncover.  Growing up I thought biology was what I needed to satisfy my curiosity. However, I learned during my adolescence that it is human nature, behavior, and culture that keeps me in awe.  It is this curiosity that always kept me searching for new interactions. I love to live and can not think of anything better than to live to love.  We may come from different customs etc., but we are more alike then we realize. These innate feelings I had about people, their culture, and the issues they faced lead me to a Masters degree in clinical social work.  This was the perfect area for me to explore various international topics ranging from empathy to international development.

Since I can remember I took high interest in the lives of others from far away places. I dreamed of traveling and experiencing new ways of life. I did not want to travel to be just a tourist. I wanted to always incorporate a cross cultural experience in all my voyages.  However, before I was able to start traveling and fully immersing myself; I participated in several domestic volunteering activities. I started my official community service career at 13 years young.  I simply felt I was too “old” for summer camp and wanted to have other experiences. Therefore, I decided to start volunteering with the Howard County Recreation and Parks in Maryland.  From then on, every summer I choose a different event, group, or activity to volunteer with.  This eventually grew into a strong passion for challenges people face around the world.

By the time I graduated from high school, I had volunteered in different activities such as Christmas in April, and the Prince George’s County Peer Advisory.  In college and graduate school I continued my community service, but started to wonder how I could expand my domestic volunteerism globally. In grad school I was part of the International Social Work Committee which brought me close to international social issues. I participated in events that introduced cross cultural cuisine, and campaigned in the fundraising event “Stop the Genocide In Sudan!”
Although, this was rewarding and satisfying, it really just created a stronger urge to travel and have cross-cultural experiences first hand.  I pondered how I could make this happen and therefore, started my research into international volunteering and cross- cultural programs.  I joined Servas international and made two trips as a Servas traveler once to Bermuda and to Kenya.  Those were short trips and I still craved more. I reflected on what I really wanted to do and learn in an overseas volunteering program and that is when I realized that Peace Corps was the perfect fit.  I knew of Peace Corps from years earlier, plus I have a good number of friends that are Returned Peace Corps Volunteers.  In order to prepare for the twenty-seven month commitment, I organized a self-made summer abroad trip. I visited Kenya, Cape Verdé, France, Italy, and Tanzania.  After that summer, I was sure that I could live abroad.  I sent in my Peace Corps application and was later accepted.  My assignment took me to Burkina Faso, West Africa as a Community Organizer with specialization in education and youth.

It was during my service that I decided I have the capabilities, drive, and passion to help people around the world in meaningful projects that make a difference in their lives.  So this is where I am today- taking my love of life, people, and culture and creating projects that benefit the lives of all of us.

think global live global!


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    Wow, I love your life! I too have always wondered about strangers around the world…how they lived, their culture, how they think, all sorts of stuff. I’ve recently got back from spending a few weeks in Europe and so badly want to travel the world teaching English as a second language. However, I live in the Bahamas and don’t know how to become certified 😦 I will continue to search online and hopefully this dream will come true. All the best with your travels and it is a wonderful thing that you are doing helping others. As citizen of this planet, I appreciate you 🙂

    • Hello and thank you so much for visiting and commenting on my site. I too was in your position a few years ago wondering how I can see the world at least some of it, but learn, contribute, and get some income if possible. Teaching english is a good way. I went through TESOL INTERNATIONAL. It is a one month program. Yes you have to pay for the course, but if you also want the experience of living aboard and the official certification then I would say it is worth it. I did my training in a small town in Northern France. I choose that program because I have family and friends in France so I could go visit them on weekends if I wanted to. Plus I took advantage of the Eurorail and visited other friends in Italy for a few days as well. You can look up Tesol International online and here is the email of the teacher I had in 2008 in France. france@tefllife.com remember the website has many other countries so choose the one that most interests you. There are other ways of teaching english as a second language look up this site that a good friend of mine sent me http://www.english-forlife.com, http://www.facebook.com/englishforlifeacademy. Additionally, there is a Masters Degree you can take online for teaching english as a second language and usually those allow you to participate in all kinds of ESL opportunities.

      The post of mine that you liked regarding teaching english is something I started on my own. However, I had some practice I taught english at the American Language Center for a summer in 2011, and I volunteered teaching conversational english at the American Rec. Center in Ouagadougou. Through those experiences it gave me confidence to know that I was capable to teach on my own, and it gave me clients as many people liked my style and personality of teaching. Also I was asked to be a guest speaker 1x a month to college students here in Ouagadougou. That is a paid engagement as well. It is possible to do it, so start doing the research and put effort into it.

      Good luck and contact me if you have any other questions. And please tell your friends about my site.

      • Created ~ Create.it

        Thank you SO much for the information. I really appreciate it and I’ll definitely spread the word about your site!

  2. Very interesting to read. You are a wonderful lady for Jehovah and I would love to work with you.

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