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Eventful Hiatus


The last time I wrote on my blog it was over a month ago.   I did not forget about it, nor did I abandon the visitors to my blog.  However, while taking one of my online classes in Leadership, I read that many entrepreneurs in our current virtual world spend more than half their time online.  Thereby they neglect and forget about the importance of real life networking and relationships.  I know the online community is very helpful and easy to access; however, I did not want to be the social entrepreneur that lacks the real life connections.  These past several weeks I have used the time to participate and engage in many activities online and off.  Below is the Cliff notes version:

  • Invited to a university  graduation
  • Applied for 2 social action grants
  • Made a television appearance
  • Became a Board Member
  • Invited to a multi-million signing contract
  • Delivered English learning classes
  • Assisted in the structural formation of Springboard for Higher Education
  • WanPot LLC logo design
  • A lot of reading and posting interesting information.
  • Online volunteering and extensive online researching

Out with the downers and in with the owners.

Happy New Year and welcome to another year of service, sharing information, collaboration, and explicit / tacit knowledge.  I have not posted in about a month. No I did not forget about my blog nor did I forget about my online community.  Much of the delay was due to me coming to terms with the popular relationship slogan ‘its not you it’s me.’  However, in this specific case I want to report, it is not applied to a romantic relationship; it is credited to a donor that promised funding, but never came through.  The funding was to support the 2 chickens and a cock project which could have alleviated the hunger pangs and financial burden of hundreds in the village of Toéga, Burkina Faso (https://internationalesawyer.wordpress.com/2012/08/21/update-to-chickens-and-cocks/).

The donor approached the project last year February 2012, and bred excitement and promise into us.  I was always weary because I work in development and am very familiar with phantom donors.  Nevertheless, I contributed labor, money, and a lot of time since this project is dear to me. The months went by and I forged on with the villagers and my project manager. During those months the donor gave us hope by discussing airline itineraries, asking me to look up hotels, inquired about best seasonal times to visit and oversee the project, requested information on international wire transfers; however, after 8 months of this back and forth and no tangible action, I was left with the task of telling the village and especially those that helped in the initial construction phase, that ‘Its not you its Me!  I explained to hungry faces that we must come to an immediate halt as my funds were already dried up and there were no present donors to help fund the project.  And although during the 8 months I put out other applications for funding, those usually take several months from the deadline to award date (if you are lucky).  It was during my speech that I felt exactly like what I have tried to avoid in development work thus far; being the bearer of promise and extreme disappointment.  It was ME being the source of lost hope and lack of confidence.

Nevertheless, I am resilient and people are forgiving, therefore, I see this as a minor setback.  This incident is what we call a blessing in disguise.  I spoke with my project manager who was completely disheartened as this project is his ‘daily bread’; I told him it is probably better that we never received funds from this particular donor as it could have been the beginning of disastrous funding relationship.Image