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English leading to bright new futures!

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Once a month I am invited to have leadership discussions with university students in English (Burkina Faso is a Francophone country).  The school’s dean invited me so that the students can have extra time practicing their English with a native speaker, and getting used to the American English accent.  Moreover, the dean sought out someone who had interest in education, leadership, and international affairs.  When I was invited to provide these services I was delighted.  April makes the 4th month in which Internationale sawyer and the International Formation of Bilingual Professionals University have had this partnership.  Furthermore, on March 16, 2013, I was invited to their graduation ceremony here in Ouagadougou.  In addition to attending I was given the honor of presenting an award to a distinguished teacher.  This was my first university graduation ceremony here on the continent of Africa. What made it more impressive were all the graduating students started with little to no English; and all of them took their well -deserved diplomas with full proficiency in English.  One aspect of the graduation that I noted was all the students that gave speeches were deeply moved. They all cited God, family, and the extreme hardships of obtaining a college diploma.  They battled illness, injustice, gender inequality from within their own family, poverty, and financial instability.  I couldn’t help but to reflect on my own college graduation, some of those same emotions were shared.  One key difference was these graduates fought for their right to education, while some in other parts of the world mistreat education and take that right for granted. I guess this is because our ancestors already did the hard part, while these present day students are still in the period of civil rights.


English takes you anyplace in the world!

Center of Languages and Culture of Patte d’Oie (Burkina Faso) Presents

English Conversational Classes with

Certified Native American English teacher

Session I Registration: Saturday 2 February 2013

Session II Registration: Saturday 23 March 2013

Registration Time: 9h – 11h

• Bring Identification Card at registration

Location: Center of Languages and Culture Patte d’Oie

Session I class dates: 16 February, 23 February, 02 March, 09 March

Session II class dates: 30 March, 06 April 2013, 13 April, 20 April

• classes every Saturday

• Space limited to 10 students

Class time: 9h-12h (3 hours each Saturday)

Language Levels: advanced beginner, intermediate, advance

Price per session/ per person: 20.000 CFA  paid in full at registration

Discuss current events, practice professional public speaking, improve grammar and pronunciation, gain confidence, improve speaking and listening skills

Contact:  (226)

Email:  shelearningfaso@gmail.com

English takes you anyplace in the world!     FAVL and Glow 011