Ishmil on top: Update to the “It might be better to be an underdog”

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July 28, 2012 Ouagadougou, the American Language Center had its open house and closing ceremony for the summer English vacation classes.  My student Ishmil who won the English Learning Scholarship tested into level 4 which is intermediate.  He ended the summer course with full participation and passing his summer lesson.  I was present at the Open House to see the classes perform a piece they created all in English and present it to the audience that housed their parents, United States Embassy personnel, the teachers and assorted staff of the American Language Center (including the director Lynn Ouedraogo).  The ceremony started at 4 pm and ended at nearly 7 pm.  The students ranging from level 1-6 all displayed their English level through singing, speeches, and theatre.  Each class was on display showing the work of the students during the month long summer camp.  I was impressed with the accomplishments of all and more so with Ishmil who came from a village 4 hours away to participate.  While other students were driving their cars or motos to the summer camp; Ishmil came every day by his bicycle even when it rained. He is a hardworking student. I hope he continues his studies in English.


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